Advancing and Empowering Teens and Young Women of Color

Preparing teens and young women of color for brilliant futures!

Ready for the World!

PACE e-mentoring will advance and empower teens and young women worldwide by focusing on their unique needs, challenges, and issues and provide the advice, guidance, resources and friendship to build relationships that will span lifetimes. 

All that you need is an internet connection, tablet, smart phone, desktop or laptop. The e-mentoring program component is accessible by mentors and mentees at any time and any place.  

Preparing teens and young women of color for brilliant futures!

The PACE e-mentoring program component consists of one-to-one mentoring in asynchronous and synchronous formats with asynchronous being the most popular format. Mentees will be assigned to a mentor who will work with them to achieve personal, academic, career and extracurricular Pathway goals, provide advice, guidance, resources and friendship. Mentees participate in the program from anywhere in the world, at any time, any place and will communicate with assigned mentors weekly. Mentors and mentees will work closely with the e-mentoring program coordinator. 

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Mentoring at any time and any place!